Foodies: Twitter a “Time Suck”

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Foodies: Twitter a “Time Suck” But Valuable

“… That said, both restaurateurs (the two most vocal panelists) did see numerous benefits to using Twitter and Facebook. Both liked that it allowed them to easily communicate with customers, rather than through traditional marketing or advertising. “It’s a great way to break down the middleman,” Pelaccio said. And “being able to talk directly with consumers when they don’t understand your mission is nice,” Lao added.” – Colleen DeBaise, Wall Street Journal, July 14, 2011.
This article shows how some restaurateurs are using Twitter.  DinerMagic offers a Twitter page and link as an option for their restaurant customer’s websites.  The article also mentions concerns about negative reviews on Facebook.
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Restaurant inflation is edging up

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By Eric Ruth, The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal (USA Today)

“Many restaurateurs are struggling to find ways to avoid raising their prices, recognizing that alienating a loyal clientele could be disastrous. They are pressuring vendors to keep charges reasonable and working with chefs to minimize waste and maximize every ounce of food… Yet that approach can only go on for so long before owners say they have no choice but to raise menu prices.”

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What can you do to keep up with skyrocketing food costs?

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Rising food costs could force US eatery overhaul

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By Caroline Humer

NEW YORK, March 7 (Reuters) – Record-high food prices could be the tipping point this year for U.S. restaurants already struggling with high debt loads and tight-fisted consumers…

Food prices have soared as consumers in emerging economies have grown richer and erratic climate conditions have hurt supplies. Wheat prices have surged 60 percent this year, and restaurants have also been hit by increases in beef, cheese, cooking oil and produce costs…

Whether these companies are able to restructure debt outside of bankruptcy depends on their aims.

In bankruptcy court, a company can break leases on underperforming locations. That helps restaurants that have expanded too much, said Lisa Donahue, co-head of the turnaround and restructuring services at advisory firm AlixPartners.

Other operational efficiencies or menu changes can easily be done out of court, Donahue said.

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Food Terrorism By Mice (VIDEO)

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Think your competition is above posting negative feedback about your restaurant on Yelp and other online restaurant review websites?

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Why do I need DinerMagic?

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Consumers Start to Feel Pinch From Higher Prices

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Wall Street Journal – Friday, February 25, 2011


The surge in grain prices that has been stoking food inflation for months in much of the world is beginning to seep into U.S. supermarkets and restaurants.

U.S. food prices will jump between 3% and 4% this year, the U.S. Agriculture Department forecast Thursday…

The cost of processing food is soaring in part because foreign demand for U.S. agricultural commodities is surging at the same time the rising price of gasoline is stimulating the biofuel industry’s appetite for corn to make ethanol.  Prices of corn, wheat and soybeans—crops that are ubiquitous in U.S. food products—are up 88%, 76% and 37%, respectively, from 12 months ago. The soaring cost of fattening livestock with grain is also helping to lift prices of hogs and cattle to record-high levels. On top of all that, rising oil prices are lifting costs of packaging and transportation.

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What can I do when people leave negative reviews at online restaurant review sites?

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With online yellow pages, tourist/travel, or dining out websites that feature reviews of cafes and restaurants, usually when people unfairly leave negative reviews, there is not much that you can do, although there are a few sites that will require you to pay a hefty fee in order to remove or hide a negative review.  With these online review sites, you really have no control.

Click here to see how DinerMagic  gives you full control over your visitor’s Guestbook entries.  To be fair, you cannot change it, but you can delete it before it is ever displayed on your DinerMagic website.

I only update my menus once or twice a year. Why should I do it more often?

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Restaurant owners/chef/managers who do not regularly monitor their food costs, need to change their thinking.  They need to take fiscal responsibility for their restaurant if they are going to ensure they have profitable items on their menu.

DinerMagic’s ability to allow you adjust your menu pricing instantly is one of the solutions that will help you do this.  It is so easy to do either by yourself or by your Foodservice Distributor Sales Rep, that there is no reason to wait six months or a year for a menu designer to do it for you.  Why lose money for six months when you can correct the problem right away?

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Nearly 50 Percent of Restaurants Owned by Women

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The research also shows that restaurants employ more minority managers than any other industry, and that Hispanic restaurant ownership has increased 42 percent in the past five years.

“As the second largest private sector employer in the country, the restaurant industry continues to provide opportunity for millions of individuals from all backgrounds who strive to achieve the American dream,” said Scott DeFife, Executive Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs at the National Restaurant Association.  ”The numbers are impressive – more women and individuals of diverse backgrounds are becoming restaurant entrepreneurs, or are pursuing lifelong, successful careers in the industry.”

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How long does it take to… (1) learn DinerMagic? (2) Perform a typical menu edit? (3) A website edit?

Posted on 16 February 2011 | Comments Off

1.  DinerMagic is so simple to use that it will take no more than 30 minutes to learn how to perform every step.  The learning curve is minimal.  There isn’t even a user manual because you don’t need one!  Just by reading the FAQs or watching the how-to videos, you will see that it is extremely easy for anyone to use.

2.  To update a menu item, for example, by adjusting the price of a menu item in response to an increase in your food cost, and in order to keep a healthy margin, would take less than 5 minutes.  And most of that 5 minutes would be spent in turning on your PC and getting online.  Once you are at your website, the actual time to make the edit can be as little as 2 minutes to update not only your online menu, but also it will update your downloadable PDF menu simultaneoulsly!  Click on Print, and you will have your printed menu to give to your customer.

3.  To update one of your webpages, either by adding or changing text or uploading photos, typically takes only a few minutes.  It would depend on the extent of the edits or the number of photos you upload.  It’s really very easy.

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