Food Service Providers likely to raise prices soon…

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Quarterly Earnings have been reporting that major fast-food restaurant chains like McDonalds, KFC and others, who buy their foods directly from Food Manufacturers, are raising their menu prices in response.   And now, Food Service Distributors,  who supply the nearly one million restaurants in the US are also following suit.   As a restaurant owner, how are you going to respond?

Sara Lee Profit Declines as Ingredient Costs Advance

Sysco 2Q Profit Off 3.8% On Higher Food, Overhead, Fuel Costs

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How can DinerMagic help my bottom line?

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Like most restaurant owners, working on your menus is almost as bad as a visit to the dentist.  You would much rather spend time being creative in the kitchen or working on just about any other task, than updating their menus.  That’s is why most of us only do it once or twice a year.  Or we delegate it to someone else – like one of our wait staff, or perhaps our Food Service Distributor Sales rep, of they offer to do it for us.

Procrastination aside, many restaurant owners do not realize that by not changing their prices when their food costs go up, they are losing money every day.  When they see their bottom line shrinking, what do they do?

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Report: Global food prices hit new highs

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SINGAPORE—The United Nations has said its monthly food price index moved to a record high in January due to higher global prices of cereal, sugar and vegetable oils.

The index, published Thursday by the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization, rose for the seventh consecutive month to 231 points and is up 3.4% on the month…

The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, February 3, 2011

Read the article and then check this DinerMagic case study to see how it can help you keep control of your profits despite rising food costs.

Click here to read the entire article.

DinerMagic Affiliate Update for February 2011

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Greetings DinerMagic Affiliates!

Beginning this month, you will receive the DinerMagic Updates via postings from the new DinerMagic blog!   Here you will receive shorter but more frequent and timely updates via emailed post notifications, instead of once a month.  You can click on the email links or visit the blog later at your convenience.  You will also have the opportunity to respond via the blog with your input, questions, suggestions, sales and marketing experiences, etc.

For those of you who are affiliates, we have taken the liberty of opting you in using the same DinerMagic login and password that you use to access the Affiliate Toolbox on the DinerMagic website, so you will not have to subscribe.

Why would a restaurant owner buy DinerMagic from an affiliate and not directly from DinerMagic?

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If you are a Food Service DSR, then you are well aquainted with the fact that restaurant owners and chefs are not only extremely busy people, but they seem to be very resistant to change.  You already know how hard it is to get them to try a new product that you offer them.  You also know that updating menus is probably one of the least favorite things they would choose to do.  That is why they do it once or twice a year – even though they should review and adjust their pricing monthly!

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NRA Releases ’8 Essential Elements’ Tool Kit to Help Restaurateurs Understand POS Systems

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NRA Releases ’8 Essential Elements’ Tool Kit to Help Restaurateurs Understand POS Systems
Restaurant News Resource
January 28, 2011
In an effort to help its members and the restaurant industry better understand the complex elements of purchasing or leasing a point of sale (POS) system, the National Restaurant Association announced today the release of new tools and solutions for understanding the essentials of acquiring point of sale systems.

We at DinerMagic agree that restaurateurs need to take advantage of technology tools and to become computer-literate to stay competitive in today’s market.  We encourage you to read this article about POS systems.

Who uses DinerMagic?

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Food Service Distributors and their Sales Reps:

Affiliates, such as food service suppliers and/or their reps use DinerMagic as part of their value added services to restaurants in order to help them stay profitable and to retain them in a very competitive market…

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McDonald’s to raise prices this year on higher food costs

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McDonald’s to raise prices this year on higher food costs
McDonald’s plans to raise at least some prices at its restaurants around the globe this year, offsetting at least part of the higher prices for the 10 commodities that comprise about three-quarters of its food-prep costs, the company said Monday.  Reuters

Even the world’s biggest restaurant chain has to deal with higher food costs.   To see how DinerMagic helped one restaurant stay profitable, click here and read this case study.

How do you change your menu prices?

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Do you use tacky-looking Wite-Out® correction fluid to change your menu prices?  Think they won’t notice?  It only draws attention to the fact that you have just raised your prices…

With DinerMagic, your updated pricing looks like the original, just like the rest of the prices!  You can do this yourself in less time than it would take using the old Wite-Out® method!

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How much does DinerMagic cost?

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The End-User price for a single license of DinerMagic is just $495.  This covers the cost of designing your website and the digitizing and layout of your existing print menu.  The monthly service charge for tech support, unlimited access to your DinerMagic website & menus, web hosting / management and optimization, is just $29.95.  This works out to be about $1 a day.   (110118)

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